20+ Fun Sharpie Crafts: The Ultimate List

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Over 20 of the best sharpie crafts on the internetI did my first official “Sharpie craft” about five years ago. It was a necklace with Shrinky Dinks, and it was such a blast that I was hooked. In fact, right after that craft I bought a collection of Sharpies in every color! I realized the other day, as I was cleaning out my craft supplies, that I haven’t touched the Sharpies in awhile. And I think it’s time. To help me, and those of you who are also interested in trying crafts with this magic marker, I’ve put together a collection of over 20 Sharpie crafts. This is the ultimate guide to Sharpie awesomeness! If you want to be inspired, just click through the slideshow below. Have fun!

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  • http://lovingheartdesigns.blogspot.com gahome2mom

    I did my most recent Sharpie craft a few days ago. I took an old car tag and personalized it for my husbands new car. It is designed with Carl (heart) Janet! lol He loved it! Thanks for sharing.

    • marilize

      Where can I buy Sharpies in South Africa?

      • http://diycandy.com Amy

        Hi Marilize! I would reach out to them via social media (https://twitter.com/Sharpie) – I bet they could tell you.

        • Erika

          Hi Marilize I was so happy to find Sharpies at Makro a couple of weeks ago.

        • Debi Craig

          Hi. Dont know where you live in SA, but I have seen them at the Stationary and Art shop in the Benmore shopping centre in Benmore.

      • Kanwal Khalid

        sharpies are also known as markers. You can find them at any art store. Ask for sharpies and if they’re not available, ask for markers. (:

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  • Cath

    I love all the ideas!
    Where did you get your sharpies from? How many sharpies and how much (roughly) did it cost?

    I love the iPhone case one but only have 2 coloured sharpies and would love some more!

    • http://diycandy.com Amy

      You can get Sharpies from Target – and it depends on how many you buy! But they aren’t too expensive :D

  • Sarah Goldberg

    Thanks for the mention! Pinned. – Sarah, While They Snooze