Write on It: 20+ Must Try Chalkboard DIY Projects

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Write on It- 20+ Must Try Chalkboard DIY ProjectsSo I have a recent obsession – chalkboard paint. Don’t laugh at me . . . I know it’s been popular for quite awhile! And I’ve been using chalkboard paint for quite awhile too, but I’ve never loved it as much as I do now, for some reason. The last jar had been stored away for awhile, and recently I broke it out of the stash to do a project – and that reignited my passion. does that ever happen to you? I’m trying to figure out a bunch of ways to use chalkboard paint these days, so I put together a collection of over 20 ideas that inspire me (I’ve also throw in a few that use pre-chalkboarded surfaces for good measure). Are you looking for some great chalkboard DIY projects? Check out the must try ideas by clicking through the slideshow!

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