Write on It: 20+ Must Try Chalkboard DIY Projects

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Write on It- 20+ Must Try Chalkboard DIY ProjectsSo I have a recent obsession – chalkboard paint. Don’t laugh at me . . . I know it’s been popular for quite awhile! And I’ve been using chalkboard paint for quite awhile too, but I’ve never loved it as much as I do now, for some reason. The last jar had been stored away for awhile, and recently I broke it out of the stash to do a project – and that reignited my passion. does that ever happen to you? I’m trying to figure out a bunch of ways to use chalkboard paint these days, so I put together a collection of over 20 ideas that inspire me (I’ve also throw in a few that use pre-chalkboarded surfaces for good measure). Are you looking for some great chalkboard DIY projects? Check out the must try ideas below!


Fridge Door

In five minutes your kids can draw on the front of the fridge on not get in trouble, with this special contact paper.

Learn how it was done at Hello Wonderful

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  1. Marisa says:

    Thanks for featuring my chalkboard lazy susan! :) What a nice surprise!

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