Peeps Crafts: Easy Clay Easter Magnets

Peeps Crafts - Easy Clay Easter MagnetsEaster can’t really be Easter without Peeps! I know there are some of you that might disagree with me – but I’m a huge fan of this sugary, marshmallow-y candy. I heart Peeps of all shapes, colors, sizes and flavors. As I was browsing the aisles of Michaels recently, I realized I’m not the only one – because now there are Peeps cookie cutters! I had to buy them and make a craft, and that is how these magnets came about. Now I can enjoy Peeps all year round with these fun and easy magnets on my fridge. You can also use the same idea to make gift tags (just punch a hole in the top before you bake). Fun, right? Here’s how I made these cuties.

Gather These Supplies

  • Peeps cookie cutters set
  • Polymer clay – pink, bright yellow, brown
  • Clay roller (a rolling pin will work too)
  • Magnets
  • Craft glue
  • Cookie sheet (for baking clay)

20140303_124923Buy polymer clay in traditional Peeps colors – bright pink, bright yellow, etc. I also bought some brown clay for the eyes. Warm up the clay in your hands by rolling it around, then use a clay roller or a regular rolling pin to roll out a thin layer of clay on your surface.

20140303_124949Press the cookie cutters into the clay; repeat.

20140303_130236Move the clay pieces to a cookie sheet – use a spatula if sticking becomes an issue.

20140303_130836Before you throw these bad boys in the oven, give them eyes and give the bunny a nose. I just rolled little bits of clay in my fingers. When it’s time to bake, follow the instructions on the clay package.

Make Peeps magnets using clayHere they are! That little squirt is me.

Peeps Crafts - Easy Clay Easter MagnetsI’m already thinking of other things I can make with these cookie cutters and clay. What would you make?



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