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Bake Sale Ideas: Crowd-Winning Recipes & Money-Making Tips

Ready to raise some money? Here are some awesome bake sale ideas and recipes that will fly off the table and sweeten your fundraising efforts!

Bake Sale Ideas and Recipes that will Sell Like Crazy

Today, I’m excited to share some tried-and-true bake sale ideas that will not only satisfy sweet cravings but also make your bake sale a huge success. At the end of this post, I’ve included my list of crowd-pleasing treats that are sure to fly off the tables.

What sells well at a bake sale?

Before we get to the delicious recipes, let’s talk about what tends to sell at bake sales. You really can’t go wrong with the classics. These goodies are not only delightful but also keep people coming back for more:

  • Classic cookies: Make sure to include timeless favorites like chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookies. Who can resist the allure of a perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie, right?
  • Brownies and bars: Dense, chewy, and utterly decadent, these square delights are a bake sale staple. Classics that do well include fudgy brownies, blondies, Rice Krispie treats, Oreo brownies, and lemon bars.
  • Cupcakes with eye-catching frosting: Cupcakes are like edible canvases, and creative frosting designs turn them into must-have treats. Remember to keep the cake part to traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet.
  • Muffins: Think about favorites like they sell in coffee shops. For example, Dunkin Donuts sells blueberry, chocolate chip, coffee cake, and corn muffins.
  • Bread: Remember that you can sell these as slices or as whole loaves. Best sellers include banana, zucchini, pumpkin, and cinnamon swirl.
  • Cakes: Cake is difficult to sell (and carry around) in slices—cupcakes are easier. If you want to include cakes, you may want to limit them to whole cakes like chocolate cake, vanilla pound cake, carrot cake, and basic Bundt cakes.
  • Pies: Just like cakes, individual slices of pie can be tough to carry around or eat on the go. You could sell whole pies, or make bite-sized versions and include apple, cherry, and pecan.
  • Additional items: Other things that do well include cake pops, granola, trail mix, and caramel popcorn

Earlier, I mentioned Dunkin Donuts for muffin ideas. You can do the same thing with the rest of the list. What do restaurants include on their dessert lists? Yes, there are a few odd flavors included, but they tend to stick to classic cakes, pies, etc. They do this because they sell well—that is what you want, right?

Consider your bake sale audience

Remember to think about any dietary restrictions or local preferences and offer a mix of classic favorites like above, and some unique treats. Providing a variety of options ensures there’s something for everyone at the bake sale.

Additionally, consider packaging items attractively, providing ingredient lists for those with allergies, and pricing items clearly to make the shopping experience enjoyable for your customers.

Armed with the list of tips above and my bake sale ideas below, you’re ready to turn your fundraising into a sweet success. Happy baking and happy selling!

Bake Sale Ideas

Get ready to rake in the money with these awesome bake sale ideas and recipes!


You can make the cookies large and sell them individually, or smaller and sell them in stacks of 3 or 4. I've included the classic cookies, and a few special cookies that should sell well.

Brownies & Bars

Cut these into squares and you put them in cupcake liners. You can wrap them in plastic wrap or put them in a see-through bag. I've added a few fun recipes to the usual ideas. These should all sell really well!


Have a few displayed outside of packaging so they are easier to see. Especially if they have some cool decorations!


Make large sized muffins so they will sell better, or make mini muffins and sell them in groups of three.


Sell it by the slice or the loaf!


Offer some samples and people will have no problem spending a lot of money on a whole cake.

Pies & Tarts

Remember, mini pies and whole pies will sell better than slices.

Other Fun Bake Sale Items

Add in some extras that customers are going to love!

What bake sale ideas have worked well for you in the past? Share them in the comments below and then check out these other popular baking roundups:

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