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Make a Simple Halloween Doormat with Spray Paint

Welcome mats are so fun for the holidays! Make a simple and fun DIY Halloween doormat for your home with spray paint. Free templates are provided.

Skills Required: Beginner. You should have experience with spray paint for this project. Use several light coats instead of thick coats for best results.

DIY Halloween doormat

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love decorating for it. But many times my eyes are larger than my proverbial craft stomach, so there are only so many crafts I can make or decor ideas I can try. Time is limited my friends, and that’s why I’m sharing this Halloween doormat with you.

I already had white and black spray paint in my arsenal (maybe you do too?) and so all I needed to do was grab an inexpensive, plain doormat to make the magic happen.

“Yes but what about the bat shapes?” you ask. Well, we have a template for you. You’ll just have to print that up, cut it out, and then this Halloween doormat can be yours. Learn how to make this Halloween decor below!

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Doormat, printed template, craft knife, spray paint in black and white

Halloween Doormat DIY

Gather These Supplies

  • Doormat – you’ll want a natural doormat like this one
  • Doormat template
  • Printer and cardstock or thicker printer paper
  • Spray paint – white and black
  • Craft knife
  • Mat
  • Painter’s tape
Cutting the bat template using a craft knife

You’ll want to print your free templates out on thicker paper. If you use regular printer paper, the paint will just soak through.

I recommend going with cardstock from the scrapbook section of the craft store (you can trim the single 12 x 12″ pieces down to fit your printer if needed). You can also buy brochure paper at the office supply store.

Cut out bat template

Print your templates out and cut with a craft knife.

Bat and moon templates laying on top of the mat

We used the inside of the stencil (the “hanging chad”?) to plan out our design. The doormat size we used was 18″ x 30″, just for reference.

Bats cut out of a piece of cardstock

You’ll want to cut out the small bats too – these are going to overlap the moon.

Bat templates taped to the door mat with painter's tape

Start with the large bats and attach them to the mat with painter’s tape. Attach the moon to one of the corners.

Mat area taped off for painting

Place your mat down on a spray paint friendly surface and then block off the areas you don’t want to get blasted.

Black spray painted bat stencil taped to a door mat

Spray paint your bats black and your moon white. Here’s a tip: spray several LIGHT coats. Don’t soak the doormat, or you risk bleeding. Let dry between coats.

Bats spray painted black and moon spray painted white

Keep going over them areas until you get full coverage. Remove the stencils and let dry.

Small bats taped onto the mat

Add your small bat stencil to the top corner where the moon is, overlapping. Do the same thing you did before with blocking off so you don’t get any paint where you don’t want it on your Halloween doormat. Spray light coats again and let dry. Remove the stencil.

diy halloween door mat

Your DIY Halloween doormat is ready to put on display!

Make a doormat with a Halloween theme

And it was SO easy, don’t you think? If you try this Halloween DIY, let me know in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these related projects: