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Make an EASY “Jack ‘O Light” Pumpkin Lantern

If you love pumpkins as much as I do, this pumpkin lantern made from a mason jar is a perfect fall idea. It’s really easy to paint!

Make an EASY "Jack 'O Light" Pumpkin LanternEvery fall I present myself a challenge – what pumpkin craft can I do this year? What will be a little fun . . . and a little awesome? I’ve been wanting to play with glass paint and so I figured I’d apply some to a mason jar and see what happened.

I knew I wanted orange stripes, and the stripes turned into a pumpkin . . . and don’t you love it how craft projects evolve? This one definitely did, and I’ve got the process for you. It’s very easy to make your own pumpkin lantern with glass paint.

Pumpkin Lantern

Gather These Supplies

IMG_6384To get my stripes even on the jar, I used a very non-scientific method. I put stencil tape around the middle of the jar. Then I peeled it off and placed it on top of my ruler.

IMG_6359I discovered that the circumference of the jar was 14″ around the middle, so I decided to make my stripes 1″ apart. I marked the tape every 1″ with a pencil – then I peeled it back up and placed it around the middle of the jar again.

IMG_6387Every pencil mark, I placed a piece of tape vertically until there were stripes all the way around the jar – then I cut away my horizontal piece of tape. All I had left was vertical stripes. I proceed to tap the Frost paint all of the jar with a spouncer. I gave it one coat and then went back around and did it again.

IMG_6393When it dried, I peeled the tape off. I learned a fancy little trick to help peel the tape away and get clean lines (and not pull up the glass paint). Score it with the craft knife on both sides of the tape. It pulls up so easily!

IMG_6394Since my jar wanted to be a pumpkin, I painted the lid green and gave him a face with some stencils and black glass paint.

Easy pumpkin craft: jack o' light up lanternHere’s our pumpkin lantern friend again. I used an LED votive rather than a candle to light him up. That way I can keep the lid screwed on. I love him!

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