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Fall Dessert Recipes: 35+ Ways to Enjoy the Flavors of Fall

These recipes are perfect for the fall season. Make fall dessert recipes that feature apples, pumpkin, pecans, figs, pears and more!

Fall Desserts: 35+ Recipes that Feature the Flavors of Fall

Fall Dessert Flavors

Most people think of apple and pumpkin when they think of fall dessert recipes. Pumpkin spice anyone? However, fall recipes can feature so many other ingredients!

  • Pecans – fall is when pecans trees begin dropping this delicious nut.
  • Maple – although trees are tapped in the spring, maple has become a popular flavor in fall. It pairs well with many savory ingredients and is a delicious substitution for sugar in dessert recipes.
  • Figs – fig trees ripen in late summer and early fall. Just in time for fall baking!
  • Cinnamon – pumpkin pie spice is popular in the fall and is mainly cinnamon with a little ginger, nutmeg and cloves. All of these spices are popular in fall desserts!
  • Caramel and butterscotch – these two flavors are similar the former is made with granulated white sugar and the latter with brown sugar. Both pair well with other fall dessert flavors like apples and pecans.
  • Pears – the peak of pear harvesting is in October. Just in time for some fall dessert recipes.
  • Cranberries – fall is also the harvesting season for these tart berries. That is why cranberries are popular for Thanksgiving dishes.

Check out these fall dessert recipes and then comment with what flavors you enjoy in the fall. Which recipe will you try first?

Fall Dessert Recipes

Fall desserts can feature a lot of different flavors. This collection of 35+ fall dessert recipes has the traditional pumpkin and apple recipes, but also includes pears, cinnamon, figs, pecans and more!

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