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Easy DIY Christmas Magnets Made from Wood Slices

Learn to make easy DIY Christmas magnets with wood pieces, paint, and stencils. These are so fun and make perfect gifts – especially for hostesses!

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you can make these magnets. You’ll be stenciling with adhesive stencils, so bleeding is easy to avoid. Then you’ll be gluing.

Make these easy DIY Christmas magnets using wood discs

I was browsing the shelves at Michaels recently and found these amazing wood disks in various sizes. I almost pooped my pants right there – I LOVE unfinished wood projects!

I think it’s because I have a forestry degree, or maybe just because I like it simple, but I think paint and Mod Podge look great on a plain wood surface. I bought several sizes of these disks, but the smallest ones seemed conducive to making DIY magnets.

These would make perfect Christmas decor or you could give them as gifts. You can paint them – or decoupage them – so many possibilities. Here’s how I made these DIY Christmas magnets.

DIY Christmas Magnets

Gather These Supplies

  • Unfinished wood disks – they come in a pack of four
  • Acrylic paint – colors of your choice (red, green, white, etc)
  • Martha Stewart Crafts adhesive stencils – Christmas themed
  • Foam spouncers
  • Magnets
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
Martha Stewart adhesive stencils, acrylic paint, wood slices, and magnets

Here are my supplies (well, mostly). I really love these adhesive stencils. That Martha!

Adhesive stencils attached to wood slices

Smooth your adhesive stencils down on your wood discs. Make sure they are really smooth, so no paint creeps out from under the stencils – make sure you use the smoothest side of the wood discs.

using a spouncer to add red paint to an adhesive stencil

Use your spouncers to paint the stencils. The key to getting clean lines is to use a little bit of paint at a time and keep going over and over the area. If you go crazy, the stencils will probably bleed.

Once you have finished filling in your stencils, peel them off (while the paint is wet) and let the paint dry.

If you are wondering how I did two colors, I did a portion of the stencil in one color, peeled off the stencil and let the paint dry. Then I came back and did the other color later.

Hot gluing magnets to the back of wood slices

Once your Christmas magnets are dry, turn the wood discs over and hot glue a few magnets to the back. I’d do two so that they don’t spin around.

Easy stenciled Christmas magnets

And there you have it. I love these! They are on my fridge right now. Happy Holidays!

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