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Santa Perler Beads (Free Christmas Patterns!)

You’re going to love these 20+ Santa perler beads, perfect for Christmas crafting with kids! Get a variety of cute hama bead patterns.

Santa Claus perler beads

Where are you currently at in your Christmas traditions? Do you go cut down a Christmas tree? Have you made ornaments with your kids – done Elf on the Shelf?

What about drive and look at Christmas lights (which was one of my favorite things to do)?

I’d love to hear.

Then I’d also love to suggestion another fun kids’ Christmas craft for you to try. Santa perler beads! Kids are going to love making these for Christmas.

If you’ve never tried perler beads before, they are recommended for ages six and up. I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love them (also known as hama beads, fuse beads, or melty beads). But don’t be shy about jumping in – adults love them too!

Santa Hama Beads

Note: A few of these patterns are larger than a 29 x 29 pegboard, so you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put four square pegboards together (or two depending on how wide the pattern is).

Santa Head and Two Minis

These cuties take 111 red, 151 white, 44 flesh, 20 green, 2 blue, 30 black, and 2 pink beads.

Cute Santa Claus hama beads for Christmas

Standing Clauses

These patterns use 121 red, 157 black, 143 white, 21 flesh, 8 yellow, and 16 green beads.

Santa perler bead patterns

Standing and Window Santas

These Clauses use 162 red, 81 white, 27 flesh, 24 black, 1 pink, 103 blue, and 7 yellow beads.

standing Santa and Santa in the window perler beads

Santa Claus Star

Perfect for hanging as an ornament! Uses 120 white, 182 red, 34 flesh, 10 black, 8 salmon, and 6 brown beads.

Santa star perler pattern

Two Kris Kringles with Stands

Just insert the Santas into the open slots on their corresponding stands. Uses 186 white, 85 red, 26 flesh, 30 black, 3 yellow, 10 green, and 2 blue beads.

santa perler

Santa Coming Out the Chimney

This pattern uses 189 red, 254 white, 20 flesh, 2 black, 20 green, and 72 dark brown beads.

santa claus hama beads

Cute Christmas Santas

These patterns use 110 black, 72 white, 110 red, 27 flesh, 6 yellow, and 4 pink beads.

perler beads santa claus

Santa with a Sack of Gifts

This cute Santa uses a 29 bead square tile, and you can make the stand separately. The pattern uses 171 red, 2 green, 142 white, 36 flesh, 52 black, and 30 blue. The stand uses 116 black beads (or whatever color you like).

Santa perler beads with stand

Waving Kris Kringle

This pattern uses 265 red, 246 white, 90 black, 31 flesh, and 14 yellow beads.

hama beads father christmas

Santa Head

This pattern uses 59 red, 244 white, 85 gray, 36 flesh, and 2 black beads.

hama beads santa claus

Waving Santa with His Sack

This pattern uses 292 red, 215 dark gray, 306 white, 77 green, 113 yellow, 54 flesh, and 67 black beads.

waving Santa with a bag of presents perler beads

Scandinavian Inspired

This pattern uses 106 white, 182 red, 25 flesh, and 2 black beads.

santa melty beads

Cute Kawaii Santa

This pattern uses 364 black, 92 red, 512 white, 53 flesh, and 60 dark brown beads.

Kawaii Santa for Christmas perler beads

Jolly St. Nick

This pattern uses 200 red, 50 gray, 102 white, 24 flesh, and 40 black beads.

santa hama beads

Santa, Reindeer, and a Sleigh

You’re going to love these cute Santa hama bead patterns, with a reindeer and sled to go along with.

Christmas reindeer sled and Santa perler bead patterns

Santa on a Round Board

Do this on a round board with the straight line oriented horizontally. Uses 69 white, 46 red, 12 black, 9 flesh, 2 blue, and 8 green beads.

perler santa

Children’s Christmas Drawing

This pattern uses 255 red, 161 white, 63 flesh, and 5 black beads.

Kids drawing of a Santa perler pattern

Did you enjoy these Santa perler beads for Christmas? Let me know in the comments! Also check out these other pattern posts:

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