20 Fun Ways to Wrap Your Gifts

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20 DIY gift wrap ideas - find a fun way to wrap ANY gift!I remember once in fifth grade when I wrapped a present for a birthday party of a classmate – and I used newspaper. My mom was completely grossed out by my present wrapping job and told me to go re-wrap it with real paper. My guess is that it was lacking something special and it probably looked like it should be thrown in the recycle bin. I was young and didn’t have the internet to research any fancy ideas! I’m glad that times have changed and now if I need gift wrapping inspiration, I can easily find it online. Turns out there are a ton of unique ways to wrap gifts, including newspaper (just sayin’, mom). To get an idea of what I’m talking about, click through the slideshow below!


Splatter or Glitter

I love these ideas for splatter painting and adding confetti to plain, one color gift wrap.

Learn more about it at Love From Ginger

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