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Cute Cat DIY Bookmarks From Paint Chips

Instead of using random scraps of paper, I whipped up these super colorful and cute kitty themed DIY bookmarks out of paint chips!

Cute bookmarks that kids can make

Are you a cat lover? (Good.) Are you a book lover? (Great.) Do you love colors? (Yes? Me too!) We must be on the same wavelength because today’s cute cat bookmark craft is just for you! Hiya! It’s Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks.

My son and I just started the summer reading program at our library… which means that we’ve been reading . . . a lot. Often times we never quite finish a book, and I’m always left looking around for something to hold our page.

DIY Bookmarks

You may have seen the other bookmarks we’ve made: the confetti bookmarks, the flower bookmarks, and the origami page corners. I hope you’ll check out these versions because each of them are fun and unique in their own way. Having said that, I’m kind of in love with these kitties!

Instead of using random scraps of paper, I whipped up these super colorful and cute DIY bookmarks out of paint chips! Now we have tons of cute cat bookmarks lying around to mark our pages all summer long!

Ready to make this purr-fectly adorable bookmark? Let’s get making!

Supplies to make bookmarks - scissors, paper, Sharpies, paint chips, ruler, cutting mat, craft knife, pencil, eraser

Cute Cat Bookmarks

Gather These Supplies

  • Paint Chips
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Mat (or a piece of cardboard)
  • Permanent markers
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler (or straight edge)
Trace a line on the edge of a paint chip using a ruler and pencil

Step 1:
Let’s get rid of any unwanted words from your paint chip. Use a ruler to draw guiding lines around the words. Then, cut them out. Erase any leftover pencil marks.

Draw a cat face on a paint chip with pink and black Sharpies

Step 2:
Use your pencil and permanent markers to draw the shape of a cat. Make sure you draw the arms long enough so that they’ll hold onto your page.

Cut out the paws on the cute cat bookmarks

Step 3:
Use your scissors to cut out your cat’s ears. Then, use your craft knife to cut around your arms.

Depending on how sharp your knife is, you might have to retrace your cut several times. Erase any stray pencil marks and gently pop out your cat’s arms.

How to make cute bookmarks from paint chips
DIY bookmarks you can make with kids
How to make a cat bookmark

Tada! You’re all done! These DIY bookmarks are so easy to make, you could probably make a small army of cats to hold your pages while watching your favorite tv show.

And if cats aren’t really your thing, no worries. You could also try making other animals. I’ll bet a dog, fox, or elephant would look super cute too!

How to make cute paper bookmarks

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Happy reading and happy making, friends!

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Fani Malik

Tuesday 28th of May 2019

They are awesome. Congrats to you all for your hard work.

Roberta Truesdale

Sunday 17th of February 2019

Hello I would love to make a cat for my granddaughter not only dose she love's cat's she love's to read so I need to know what you mean by Paint Chips what is it? Have a blessed day


Sunday 17th of February 2019

Hi Roberta! Paint chips like you would get from the hardware store - samples from the paint section. BUT you can make your own paint chips with thicker paper and acrylic paint, technically!

Kelsey DIY

Thursday 19th of July 2018

It's really a wonderful diy tutorial! I like these bookmarks so much.

Joanna @DIY Project

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

Such cute idea. Really love it. Added to my DIY project list now. Thanks!

Crafty Grandma

Saturday 4th of February 2017

LOL!!! I made some for my 8 year old grand-son who loves to read and his 6 year old sister. Both had the same reaction "grandma why does the cat have boobies???" LOL!! When I looked at the picture above - well, say no more......My grand-son also put the bookmark in his agenda and his teacher lol when she saw daughter got a very nasty phone call from the teacher!!! What are they teaching these kids at school???