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Printable Classroom Valentines That Are Cute and FREE!

Are you looking for valentines that are suitable for school? These printable classroom valentines fit the bill – and they are free!

Free Printable Valentines for the Classroom

Putting together this Valentine’s Day collection made me laugh. Picking valentines when I was a child was a very deliberate process. I wanted the boy I liked to get the most lovey-dovey one in the package . . . but you couldn’t get too romantic and scare him away.

Then you had to make sure your friends got the “right” ones as well. Times have changed, and you know what? I’m glad. Because with printable valentines, you can make sure your kids have every valentine they could want or need.

And these 40+ printable valentines are completely free! They are perfect for the classroom, too. Just scroll down to get them.

Printable Classroom Valentines

Here are over 40 completely free printable classroom Valentines for your child to choose from. There are a few candy ones, and a lot of non-candy options as well.

And now that you have your printable classroom valentines, I’d love for you to check out these other cute ideas: