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Crafting with Sprinkles: 15 Fun and Easy Ideas

You probably have a jar already in your cabinet – and if you do, you’ll love these 15 fun ideas for crafting with sprinkles!

Crafting with Sprinkles - 15 Fun and Easy Ideas

Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets is never a very fun chore,  until you find a jar of old sprinkles. And then you realize that although they made be a little old (do sprinkles have an expiration?), you have another idea for them completely – crafts!

I knew right away when I found the large jar of colorful goodness that I wanted to get crafting with sprinkles, but I needed a little inspiration to guide me.

I found a bunch of projects and am not sure where to start, but I think it’s going to be a fashion item. Scroll down and let me know what sprinkle craft you’d like to try!

PS – if you want to learn to dye sprinkles any color you like, take a peek at this tutorial. Now onto the projects . . .

Sprinkle Crafts


This fun tutorial shows you how to cast a bracelet in resin – and add sprinkles!

Sprinkle resin bangles at Dream a Little Bigger

sprinkle-nails-DIY-final copy

Bring sprinkles into your fashion with this quirky nail art idea. So cute!

Sweet sprinkle nails at Projectville


Make funfetti candles using the sprinkle colors of your choice. I’d love these in Halloween colors!

DIY funfetti candles at Beth Cakes


Not real sprinkles, but too perfect not to share . . . all you need is adhesive vinyl!

DIY sprinkle mugs at Studio DIY


An entire sprinkle cake stand? I can hardly resist how wonderful this is.

Sprinkle cake stand at 1 Fine Cookie


Sprinkle coated shoes are perfect for a night on the town! Aren’t these amazing?

Candy coated at Craftster


Use sprinkles and decoupage glue to create your own unique silhouettes.

Sprinkle silhouettes at A Joyful Riot


I’m loving these colorful sprinkle party hats because they use icing to make everything stick!

Sprinkled mini party hats at Jacks & Kate

DIY-Tutorial-Sprinkles-Monogram-Alphabet-Letter-Gift-Toppers-Tags-How-To-Project copy

I love these unique gift toppers, and you won’t believe what the surface underneath is.

DIY letter gift toppers at creme de la craft

088b copy

Mandy shows you how to make sprinkle pendants – and even tells you what to use depending on the type of sprinkle!

Sprinkle pendant at Sugar Bee Crafts


This ornament could be one of the easiest sprinkle crafts ever. What else can you fill with them?

Simple filled and painted ornaments at Little Gray Fox


These aren’t really sprinkles, but they are too cute not to share. Add paints and beads to plain shoes to make a sprinkle inspired version.

Cupcake inspired shoe makeover at Mom Spark


This letter would look amazing on a party table – but also on a mantel!

Sprinkles party crafts at Mirabelle Creations


From now on, all of my packages and gift bags will come with sprinkle tape. How could they not?

Sprinkle tape at A Joyful Riot


Easy sprinkle votives? Great for any home decor or a party – and just about as easy as it gets!

How to make sprinkle candles at Tikkido

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