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How to Make a Book Page Pumpkin

Book pages are used in so many decorations and work with a variety of decor. In this tutorial, make a fun fall book page pumpkin!

I don’t think there is anything you can’t do with book pages! They are just the absolute perfect crafter resource, don’t ya think?

How to make a book page pumpkin - you'll love this easy fall decor!I’m taking the book page thing to a whole new level now. I showing you how I made this book page pumpkin. So super cute. They are so easy to make, cost next to nothing, and make the perfect addition to fall decor.


  • Book Pages
  • Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Raffia and Leaves (optional)

fall book page pumpkinFirst fold a bazillion a lot of  book pages accordion style long ways (or hot dog style). Then fold in half and hot glue the folded paper to the stick. Continue to glues pieces of paper all the way around the stick so you have nice circle.

I used four rows of paper all the same size, then on the last row I cut about a half an inch off the folded book page pieces to give it the pumpkin shape.

For a more polished look I tied on a couple of leaves to the top with some raffia.

How to make a book page pumpkin - you'll love this easy fall decor!See how simple and lovely it is? It’s such a easy alternative to traditional pumpkins while having a rustic and vintage feel. Can’t you see miniature versions of these on a fall tablescape. Awesome!!

Wherever you put them, they will be sure to give your home a festive feel for fall!

For more fall ideas, I’d love to  have to stop by my blog or visit me on Instagram or Pinterest!

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Lisa Burke Cook

Tuesday 16th of September 2014

Such a awesome and cute pumpkin,thanks so much for sharing the how to with this.