18 of the Best DIY Globe Projects in the World

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18 of the Best DIY Globe Projects in the WorldI recently started a globe collection. Yep, I’m a collector. Did you know that about me? I used to collect snowglobes. I’ve also collected ceramics, patches and even music boxes. I guess it just gives me something to strive for? I don’t know why I do it, but my latest collection obsession is globes. I’m even open to some DIY globes, actually. I’ve been visiting thrift stores now and again to see if I can find any old/broken ones to convert into some other stuff. My decor is modern, and I feel like even though they look very “traditional library,” they go with any decor!

If you are a globe lover too, check out this collection of 18 DIY globe projects. If you happen upon any damaged globes, these ideas will come in handy. Click through the slideshow to see them!

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