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Festive DIY Garlands: Add a Personal Touch to Your Decor

Learn how to make the best and easiest DIY garlands for parties or decor! There are some very unique options for birthday, holidays, Christmas, and more. These also use a variety of materials: paper, felt, yarn, fabric, balloons, and even contact paper.

Easy and festive DIY Garlands

Garlands, right? Who knew they’d be the unsung heroes of my living room, long after the Christmas tree went bye-bye back into the closet.

My pom pom garland from last December? It’s still rockin’ the mantel spot like it’s vying for a year-round performance award (it’s number 29 in the lineup below, and yes, it’s got spunk!).

As I packed away the Christmas baubles, I faced a decor dilemma: could I really pack away something that sparks joy faster than you can say ‘Marie Kondo’?

The answer: a resounding nope. And just like that, my festive garland became a mainstay, boldly defying the seasons with its cheery pops of red and green.

But, all good parties must evolve, and it’s high time this garland got a spring in its step.

That’s where the ‘DIY’ in ‘DIY garlands’ comes to life—because who says you can’t hang a little happiness on your wall, window, or wherever you darn well please?

I’ve found 50+ DIY garland ideas that are about to turn your decor game on its head. From clothespin chic to felt fun, and yarn to washi tape wonders, there’s something for every occasion and holiday.

There are some ideas for celebrations, some ideas for parties, and some that will work for both. You can obviously customize any of them with any colors to make them more holiday or party friendly.

Which of these ideas will you claim for your next project? Share your top picks in the comments and let’s swap stories of garland greatness.

Jump into the list below and get ready to garland-ify your home with these easy, breezy DIYs. Let’s make and hang with abandon. Happy crafting!

DIY Garlands

Learn how to make a variety of garlands for parties and beyond! You'll find a bunch of different styles that all have in common: they are very easy DIY projects.

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